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Years ago before my daughter was born I bought my first digital camera – a Canon Powershot G2. Learned a lot using what was, at the time, a pretty high end unit. What started as a means to indelibly capture my daughter soon became an obsession. There is no shortage of information available on photographic technique and theory, so between that and the accessibility of the digital revolution it’s no wonder there has been such a photographic explosion over the past few years.

Subjects & Interests

I shoot anything that catches my eye. From landscapes to life on the street, people in candid and posed moments, sports and action. After looking through the lens for a while you will always be looking for light and new perspectives on the otherwise mundane. Things will catch your eye that others will ignore. It is one of the art’s great gifts.


Most pros will advise that equipment doesn’t matter; all the gear in the world won’t create a great image. You still need to know where to point the lens, what to include (and, critically, exclude) in the frame, and when to click the shutter. One day I’ll figure those things out. That said having the right tools sure does make it easier to capture what you want.  I am a dedicated Nikon shooter but am amazed at the latest “mirrorless” technologies and the proliferation of larger sensors in smaller cameras. Fuji’s work in this area has been amazing and I see more of their goodies making their way into my bag at some point.

I edit with Mac, an NEC monitor, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and plug-ins from Nik Software. I print with an Epson printer onto Epson or Canson papers, but not as much as I should or would like to; it’s ironic that with all the photos that are being captured today fewer and fewer are actually making their way into the physical world as a print which is a shame. There is still something amazing about seeing that print roll out and holding it.  For camera support I use Really Right Stuff tripods which are really, really awesome. And I learn how to use all this junk from Goliaths like Joe McNally, David duChemin, and David Hobby. And the mighty Steve McCurry – total stud. Read everything you can from these guys if you are at all interested in the craft.

Copyright & Usage

All photographs on this site are protected under International Copyright Laws and are not to be used or reproduced without my permission.  Not that I expect a feeding frenzy over these, but still needs to be said.  If you have an interest in using any of these images for non-commercial means you can contact me using the form below.  A more detailed copyright and usage statement can be found here.


Feel free to contact me using the form below regarding anything related to photography or for inquiries on print sales or image use. If you are affiliated with a local sports team and are interested in modern portraiture or game action shoots you can jump over to my sports photography site with the link above.

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